Sunday, September 17, 2006

Stunting Your Spiritual Growth

Ever wonder why you find it so hard to grow in God? Do you ever feel frustrated by your level (or lack) of spirituality? I can't give you all the reasons you might not be growing in God, but I can definitely point out one: You.

If you've been a Christian for any length of time, you know how hard it is to 'go through'. How hard it can be to face trial after trial, tribulation after tribulation. How long sleepless nights lead to long empty days until you finally feel you've HAD ENOUGH! That if this 'season' wasn't over, it was definitely time for it to be over. So you take matters into your own hands.

You begin to pray a little less. And hang out with your friends a little more. Or watch a little more tv. Or pay a little more attention to that cutie who sits across from you at work.

Anything to avoid doing what you need to do: spend more time with God. Get through these circumstances. Spiritually grow.

I find that many of us cut off our spiritual growth in one of two ways. We either begin to neglect our spiritual activities (prayer, Bible study, meditation and fasting) or throw ourselves into physical activities to avoid thinking about those things. Our bodies (or our flesh) can operate in direct opposition to God in many ways, and we often pursue physical activity in order to avoid the things of God. You know what I mean - you start to eat a little more or tv becomes oh so appealing suddenly. You engage in more sex, do a little more drinking or hang out more than usual.

Here's a sad truth to all that activity: you can delay, but you cannot deny. You can avoid what God is trying to tell you, detour from your trial or tribulation, but it is never going to go away.

Until you deal with what is required of you, you will have to re-visit that territory again and again - until you get it right.

So next time you find yourself in a tough spot, learn to bear it. Go through what you have to go through, cry when you need to cry and....get past it. God truly designs trials to bring out the best in us, so be assured that the 'you' that waits on the other side of the circumstances will be well worth the pain you had to go through to get there!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post.... you can run but you can't hide from GOD. I think another point to add to our difficulty in spiritually growing is -- fear. Fear of doing what GOD has called us to do, often times leads us to study His word less, and using our "physical interventions" more. Once we confront our fear, then all good things are ours.....

Anonymous said...

as always Good Word...
it's funny because the average christian is stunted in their growth...because growth isn't cultivated...think about it...most of us rarely go without missing a meal...taking in 3+ meals daily for our bodies...and yet we settle for an occasional Spiritual Snack attending services once a week...and praying when we are in trouble...after all "man doesn't live by bread alone..."

Anonymous said...

I like this a lot. I was one to constantly say I was not afraid of failing. I was afraid of succeeding. I wanted my cake and wanted to eat it too. He was ready but I was so unwilling. I wanted to wallow in the mess of my creation. My pride. My ego. My. My. My. I wanted it to be more about me and I lost focus on what it was really about. GOD. I was created to worship Him and I defeated my own purpose. I am back on track and I like it like that.