Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Difference Between Religion and Spirituality

I hear a lot of people talking lately about how they are 'spiritual' or 'spiritually-minded.' Ask them about God, however, and they immediately backtrack to a distance they consider safe enough from being 'religious.'

"Oh, I believe, in Intelligent Design" they'll tell you or "I don't think you can only find God in a church" is another good one. My personal favorite is those who declare they are still "open" on the question of God (or god as they refer to Him) and are actively seeking. (And I'm sure they'll get right back with me once they go from the seeking stage to "found.")

As for me, I believe in God. The God, that is, that's mentioned in the Bible and in the Torah. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Moses. Yes, THAT God.

I say this because there is a wide assumption that anyone who claims an allegiance to a particular religion, denomination or specific identity of God is "religious" rather than spiritual. And to take it further, being religious is considered akin to being a "holy-roller," zealot or other type of religious "fanatic."

It is assumed that because I am "religious" that means I am not familiar with the Intelligent Design versus evolutionary debate, am not familiar with the fossil evidence which purports to support claims of evolution, have not studied any eastern religions or have just generally been brainwashed my family, friends or am a "victim" of the society in which I was raised.

Religious folks, are - in a nutshell - uneducated, close-minded, parochial and incapable of independent thought.

Let me say - for the record - that many Christians like myself choose God fully as educated, literate, well-read ADULTS. Yes, I was raised in a Christian church, but I spent many years away from this environment as I sought my own answers. And yes, I studied a bit about eastern religions, visited other worship services and contemplated evolution at one time or another in my life.

And, funnily enough, I still chose God.

Being "spiritual" (i.e., with aspirations to discover what lies beyond the natural realm) is all good as far as that goes.

Knowing what you believe and Who you believe in is much, much more valuable.

Think about it....

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