Friday, February 24, 2006

Christians and Depression

I recently wrote an article about Christians and depression, entitled Do Christians Get Depressed?. Besides the fact that I didn't want to be outed as a prone-to-depression Christian, I wasn't sure how this article would be received. Christians spend at least 50% of their time 'pretending' they're alright, 25% trying to get to alright, and 25% actually being alright (or maybe it's just me). Recently, I've increased my percentages to 35%, 25% and 40%, but - you get the point. We are not always the happy-go-lucky people we pretend to be. As a matter of fact, as soon as I got saved, I noticed my problems increased, instead of vice versa. What I've learned along this journey is that the problems never go away, but you get to the point where you deal with them better. All things are possible with God!!! So - how is your spiritual journey today?


Anonymous said...

Serve others through loving acts of kindness and selfless charity. Cultivate and grow the love in your heart for others. We live in a selfish consumer culture, so selflessness is often a very foreign concept. For the few of us who embrace the value of service even fewer actually practice it, and that is a shame. The act of loving others feeds the soul so that often the giver benefits more than the receiver.

Actively try to find ways to love by helping others and see if it doesn’t help with your depression.


Anonymous said...

You are totally on point about how serving others can help lift someone out of their own depression. I wrote an article about it called Self-Absorption, but sometimes I forget to take my own advice.