Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Help - Time Crunch Overload!

One of my readers, Ms. Regina, asked me the following question:
why have you not posted since the end of August?

Well, Ms. Regina, I apologize for not having posted anything to my blog since August. The truth of the matter is that I attend school full-time (as well as work full-time) and that has taken a big chunk out of my previously free time (school has). Also, I've (finally!) started writing my first book, which will be completed some time next year. Oh - and did I mention I decided in a very brave moment to start training for a full marathon next year? I even ask myself - what were you thinking?

All of this, however, does not excuse the fact that I should have devoted more time to getting my blog posts together. I've finally integrated blog writing posts into my new schedule (am I the only Palm Pilot fanatic?), so I should be on track to post at least twice a month beginning this weekend. To help me with that, I've decided to let one of my other blogs go and focus on what's really important - this blog and my home christian ministry page. Last but not least, God seems to be sending my ministry in another direction, so I'm trying to stay on point with that. However, I really, really miss you guys and your comments, so I can't wait to get back on track so I can hear more of your thoughts and visit your blogs!

And, in that vein, here's something you all can help me with - does anyone have any good time management/organizational tips? I have this tendency to think that I can do it all and overschedule myself regularly. Do you suffer from this 'illness' as well? If so, how you handle it? Though I do not yet have children, I find my days filled with work, homework, working out, laundry, housecleaning (ugh!), social commitments, business travel, meetings, etc. Not to mention my internet surfing time, my gloriously obsessive reading habit, the time I spend catching up on all my favorite shows (especially anything on the History Channel), commute time, etc., etc.

All this is probably way more than you want to know about my life, but somehow I feel better sharing, so thanks for listening :)

So if any of you have any suggestions for me, I would love to hear them!

Thanks in advance :)


Unknown said...

Ok, WOW! You are one busy sister. I'm sorry and didn't really mean to pry ... or did I, hummmm.
But since being new to blogging I spend a lot of time trying to find blogs that I can connect with, and when I got to yours I liked what I read and came back twice and found... nothing! I said to myself, "Self, what is her problem, she can't find two minutes to at least say hello Bloggsville??
Just messing with you! Your blog is great and I see that you are doing great things, continue on in Him!
I can't wait to read this book, so I can brag about it! (yea, like I really know you, right!)
glad you're back!

Oh, by the way about that time management thing, this may sound silly but get a kitchen timer, trust me I've done it! You just have to be disciplined enough to stop what you're doing when the time is up.

Unknown said...

In the long ago, I was heavily committed and I had a husband and three children. My husband was very supportive - so I'm not sure how you do it. I am in my seventh decade and I get tired thinking about what I used to do! You are young and - if you are single - you can burn the candle at all its ends except...the except in all that was regular prayer and how you manage Paul's injunction to pray without ceasing (nowhere did he say work and stay busy without ceasing!). Diaries can be used to schedule in quiet times as well as business appointments. You might like to visit my blog on desert spirituality. It is called Desert and its at http://eaglesnestcompanion.blogspot.com and from there my other blogs can be accessed.

Blessings and bliss

Anonymous said...

Hello, my sister-in-christ.

To help you aget in line with managing your time, I would recommend a book titled, "Time Management, God's Way" by Gloria Adams. She is a member of Celebration Church in Columbia, MD and has written this book for people just like you and me.

God Bless