Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Real Problem With Sin

I think about sin a lot. What the Bible says about it. Why we find it so easy to fall into it. Why some things are harder to put down than others.

I know God's admonitions against sin. In Romans 6:12, Paul says "Let not sin therefore reign in your mortal body, that ye should obey it in the lusts thereof." So we shouldn't allow sin to reign in our lives.

And I know that God felt so strongly about sin, that when Paul spoke about fornication, he advised us to flee. Literally, to run away from sin before it could overtake us.

So I can gather from these and other verses that God feels pretty strongly about our sin. And that we should not allow sin to rule us. Or dominate our lives.

But you know what I've discovered the real problem is with sin? That it separates us from God.

I know, I know - you've heard it all before, but it doesn't seem to have much impact in your lives. But what does separation from God really mean?

We can't hear from God.

We are further from God's protection.

We can't experience intimacy with God (comforting, consolation, worship or fellowship).

We cannot hear His guidance, His warnings or get clear direction for our lives.

And why would you want that?

Our relationship with God was intended to be a close-knit, mutually beneficial, supportive relationship. And sin separates us from the Only One who can meet our deep-seated needs for love, companionship, communion and belonging.

It's not so much the harm we do to ourselves when we sin that is so detrimental to us, but the harm we do to our relationship with the One who really loves us.

Think about it.

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jazztheo said...

I've heard it said that all sin, at its core, is a failure to love. Ultimately, it seems to be a failure to love the lover of our soul more than the sin. Oh, how that must break his heart!

There was an ancient writer who said that there is no difference between the person who is focused on sinning and the person who is focused on not sinning--neither is focused on God--Heb. 12...

thanks for the reminder,


Refreshment in Refuge said...

Oh, I am glad you are back!

Sonya Triggs-Wharton said...


I like your style. I'm checking out your blog and you seem to be a person who really knows what he is about. I look forward to chatting with you more in the future!


Yes, I'm back! Summer had its hold on me, but luckily fall is arriving. Plus, I started back in school (hooray!), so I'm a bit caught up in that. But God is God all the time and He deserves to still get my time and attention as well!

ms mimi the mocha soulchild said...

Sonya, you and I must be on the same wavelength. I have been writing about this lately. Thought I would share:

Ever been tempted? Come on, y'all let's be real. Have you ever been tempted to do something you know is outside God's will?

Not one of us is above temptation.

Even Jesus. He went into the wilderness, (although he knew the Lord was with him) and the devil tempted him physically, tempted his desires, and his ego. Think about it. Here is Jesus, the son of God, sent to wander in the wilderness, and go without food, being prepared to die for the sins of people who were not good. Do you think he did not have doubts? We serve a Jesus who knows what it is like to be a man. How else could he have compassion on us?

And yet, he resisted temptation by staying in the word, and on God, and recognizing the devil's plots. Imagine what would have been lost if Jesus had failed, and given into temptation. Salvation would have been lost not only for the world, but for him.

We never know what we could have been had we not yeilded.

We are tempted by the enemy because he wants us to take our focus off our destiny in Christ. Temptation is anything we put before God and his will. We can even be tempted by something God wants us to have by trying to get it in the wrong way or in our own time. (Done that before. Lost someone dear by doing that!)

The sad truth of temptation is the devil has a funny way of making dirt look like diamonds, and diamonds look like dirt. Why? Because if we focus on our temptation, of the eyes, of the flesh, of pride, we become reliant on ourselves, and not God. We desire the things of the devil, and not the things of God.

Important to know here that everybody is tempted, so we cannot hide from it. We can only learn to recognize it and draw on God, because he does not allow us to be tempted beyond our capabilities.

Woke up this morning to a scripture, and a word from the Lord: How do you deal with tempation?

The word was: Jesus was tempted on all points.

Ever had a word delivered to you that was a CONFIRMING word and you just had pick your jaw up off the floor, pull your dress up, and say you got caught hanging out there? Yeah, that hard word, that is hard for you to hear, but you needed to hear? Well I got mine today.

You know, I've been struggling with my purpose for awhile now, and I realize now why I'm struggling, and it is pride.

Last week, we were studying in Sunday school about Paul's thorn. Then in bible study we revisit Paul in the book of Acts, where he is traveling to the early church dealing with the divisions.

As I am being prepared for my destiny, It has become clear that my weaknesses have been tested. The word I got today was clearly convicting: we all are tempted, and none is above temptation. Relying on ourselves we cannot resist temptation. Matter of fact, this is prideful. We can only resist in the Lord.

I think in my quest for perfection, I needed to hear that. Forgot that. I had to repent on that. Because it is not me, by myself that does anything, but me in the Lord. I thought I knew that.

But you never know who you really know until you are tested.

I realize that the thing I hate most in my current occupation, pride and ego, is what I hate most in myself, and I am no better than them or it-- we all suffer as humans from pride.

That isn't a pretty thing. We don't like to admit our flaws, but to effectively minister, to keep our eyes on God's will, and to accept God's grace and mercy, we must admit it.

Experiencing a roadblock? What is tempting you right now? How are you responding?

Are you responding in the word, relying on God, or in your own ability?

I learned long ago, that sometimes God will protect you when you are a fool, but once you get stronger in the word, he will let you go through something so that you can learn the lesson.

I am a poet, so I know the power of words, and try to use kind gentle words to soothe pain and hurt. But sometimes a hard word is needed. It may save your life.

I got that today.

Don't stay in your shame, and think you are doomed, because the good news is that you need a savior, and you have one, ready to forgive and redirect. You will be stronger for your struggle. But you have to repent and come to him. We all struggle. We are human. Everyone, even the most spiritually strong of us is weak in God's eyes, because we deal with sin.

Allow yourself to repent, and let God deal with you as a son.

Sometimes a hard word is a loving word, meant to keep you from stumbling.

Sonya Triggs-Wharton said...

Ms Mimi:
Thank you for sharing your post with me. I found it truly interesting and we do seem to be operating in the same arena.

I hope that all is going well with you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for addressing the issue of sin. Sometimes it seem futile to even fight the desires of the flesh. I guess that's why it is important to keep that close connection with our Saviour. Anything less exposes us to the real danger of sin and as you have so rightly put it, that separation from God.

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