Monday, May 01, 2006

Deciphering The Da Vinci Code

I was browsing the internet today, when I ran across a special webpage put together by Focus on the Family. This webpage brings together radio broadcasts, articles and resources to help you decipher the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. The webpage can be found here.

I also think fellow blogger, Higher, had a really good post about the Da Vinci Code. It's Called Cracking the Da Vinci Code.

What do I think about it all? I am no Biblical scholar (which is why I am pointing you to a couple of places that have good information about the Da Vinci Code controversy), but I think any debate about Christianity is a good one. Yes, people are questioning whether Jesus was married, or if his bloodline died out, etc, etc, but at least people are talking about Jesus. And it's hard to debate about someone without giving at least some thought to who that person is. I'm all for spreading the gospel by any means necessary. So I tend to think Author Dan Brown did us all a big favor by writing his book. But that's just my humble opinion.

What are your thoughts about the Da Vinci Code and the surrounding controversy? Do you plan on going to see the movie?

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Anonymous said...

my thoughts on the Da Vinci Code are that people should read for what it is -- fiction! It is a fictional book with a few tales of facts intricately woven throughout. Take the words of the story and decide for yourself whether you want to explore more what the author Dan Brown brought to light, or place the book on your bookshelf and proclaim it was the best book you've ever read!;-)

Refreshment in Refuge said...

Sonya, I have a problem with people attributing fiction as real life. And, too, just because people are talking about Jesus does not necessarily mean they are getting correct info, ya know?

I have no desire to read the book and I am particularly disappointed in Ron Howard for bringing it to the silver screen... but, hey, that's just me!

Anonymous said...


Yes, I agree, it's a work of fiction, but I know people who were shaken upon first reading it. Hopefully, they will eventually work out what they need to take from the book and what needs to be left where they found it!


I agree there is probably a lot of mis-information going out, but I hope that people will also seek to know the truth for themselves.

ms mimi the mocha soulchild said...

I have not read the book, and I must confess, have had little desire to do so after skimming over it. Mostly because it didn't seem that original or interesting a concept to me, but maybe I will check it out.