Saturday, March 18, 2006

Are Men and Women Really Different?

Are men and women really different? A recent conversation with a friend brought this topic to the forefront of my mind. Apparently, her pastor said that he didn't believe that women should pastor churches. Now, their denonmination already accepted women ministers, but he believed it was morally incorrect for a woman to lead a church. What do you think?

Over the next few days, weeks, or however long it takes, I'm going to explore the differences and similarities between men and women. What the Bible says. What society says and what science has uncovered.

Stay tuned for more....


ms mimi the mocha soulchild said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog, and the quality of the writing you provided here. You have delved into some avoided subjects that we as Christians need to talk about.

i digg said...

You know, I just had the same conversation with a friend that was playing 'devils advocate'. The only parts of the Bible that should be taken literally, in my humble opinion, are the parts where God is actually speaking or Jesus. For everything else - history must be taken into account.

We were discussing where in Corinthians there is verse that speaks directly to women preaching. The type of church, the times, and the problems they had affected the message that was conveyed. I would not go out and speak in tongues in a catholic church, but a holiness church where that is common, I would.

By the same token, if someone believes that, then we are not to knock them. Just don't join that church family if you have a problem with that belief. I am led by an awesomely (if that is a word) annointed woman of God and would not have it any other way.

sonya said...

Hey - Ms. Mimi! Thank you so much for your beautiful commentary. I love positivity and positive people and you definitely fit the profile on both accounts. I'm going to be checking out your site soon - I'm not near my wireless connection right now :( - and I look forward to chatting with you soon! And, as always, I intend on going much, much deeper into the things we Christians really think and say to one another (behind closed doors), because I think it's time for us to be a little more real.

Be blessed, my sister!

sonya said...

I Digg:

Thank you for your thoughtful commentary. I really appreciate hearing from my Christian brothers and sisters who take time to know God, read the Bible and apply it to their own lives. And you seem to fit that profile.

I still struggle to understand the Bible on a regular basis. What is factual, what is scriptural? What can be taken literally and what was just meant as an illustrative point? As always - I simply turn to God and He helps me sort things out at the level where I find myself.

I have my own thoughts about women ministers (and will be delving more into that topic in the next couple of days), but the gist of my belief is that women were created to be different - but not inferior. God has gifted both men and women with both unique and shared characteristics, and I hope that we all (myself included) come to a greater understanding of what He really intended for us all.

I'll be checking your website out soon (gotta get to my wireless connection - don't you just hate dial-up?) and I hope to hear from you real soon.

Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Men and women are different, but that has nothing to do with following the will of God. Who are we to stand in between a person and God’s will?

If you are called to lead the sheep, pick up your staff shepherd!

God is not dead, and Paul was not God.

If you believe God exists, and you believe God created the universe and all that dwells within it, why is it hard to believe that God would equip and empower a woman to lead his sheep?

To me the answer is simple. Either you believe God is sovereign or you don’t.

I always think it funny how so many Christians are so quick to use clich├ęs about the power of God, but then turn right around and try to limit his powers.

God is not dead!

By the way, I am a Man.


ms mimi the mocha soulchild said...

Thank you, Sonya. I appreciate your insightful comments and thank you for posting on my blog.

It is rare that we find indepth articles that are meaningful about these things from a Christian perspective. Let me know if you're interested and I'd be happy to post a link to your site on my blog.

sonya said...


Thank you for giving a man's point of view! And thank you for loving and supporting your sisters in Christ!

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Anonymous said...

No. Men get moody and irrational and stubborn and dismissive and rude and annoying and selfish and kind and thoughtful and sweet and cute and prideful and silly and drunk and lazy and hardworking and real and fake and happy and sad and angry and ambitious and mean and forgetful and stinky and beautiful and crazy and weird and down to earth and full of themselves and considerate and every thing else you can think of . . . and so do women. No, we are not different. We are both completely human, neither faultless nor all bad. Anyone who disagrees is completely deluding themselves and I'm so sick of hearing their insecure and confused bullshit.