Friday, September 01, 2006

About Me....

Let me say first that I am not one of those bloggers who feel like you probably want to know every detail of my life, my relationships, my dreams, my mom, etc. There are many very good personal blogs out there that cover those subjects very well and I am in no way disparaging the journal-blog genre.

But I started this blog to focus on God and use my personal experiences to highlight the way God can work in an everyday, ordinary Christian's life.

But, like you, as I read the posts of my favorite bloggers, I find myself becoming just a little bit curious about who they are, how they've turned into this person that I read every day and just simple things like, are they married, do they work full-time, etc.

So I thought I'd write just a little bit about me ---- just in case you were curious.

I am a 34 year old single woman. I formally committed my life to God at age 24, after I got tired of dating, running around and pretending like I could make it on my own. I am employed full-time by the Federal government and currently live in Michigan. I am in a very happy relationship with a wonderful guy about whom I cannot write (because he would kill me!). Suffice it to say that he is, in many ways, the man I've always dreamed about and I'm very happy God brought him into my life.

Other than that, I just started going back to school this fall (finally!). I am pursuing my degree in Psychology, because I'd like to have the paper to back up what I am passionate about. Are degrees necessary in ministry? That's a subject we could debate all day long - I just felt that since this will (eventually) be my full-time calling, it would benefit me (and you) to get as much knowledge as possible. But of course I know just as many wise people who have never been to anybody's college. Maybe that will be the subject of a post some other day....

Mostly I just wanted to tell you all that I'm really lovin' this whole blogging experience! I had started a website about a year and a half ago, but blogging is so much more immediate and connecting. I've enjoyed every single person I've met and I love reading what my brothers and sisters have to say about life, love and God.

I hope that you all have benefited in some way by visiting me here and I promise to do my absolute best to pass on the knowledge that God has so graciously imparted to me.

If you get nothing else out of this blog, I hope you know that GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD! He Does answer prayers and He Does hear our cries.

And that's it.

Talk to you all soon!!!!

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jazztheo said...

thanks for taking the time to tell us about you. Blogging is an odd form of community...we speak of going places (websites) that don't exist as places to actually go and yet we can connect and learn and grow.

I'm currenly blogging in anonymity but someday hope to do what you have done in this post.


Sonya C. Triggs said...

You know, I never thought of it that way - ' going places ...that don't exist.' Sometimes the internet seems to me more real than the real world (whatever that is). (I could do tons of posts about reality vs. perception.) The positive is that I really do feel like I connect with people on the internet. And I definitely have met people I never would have met otherwise, so it's all good.

How has blogging been for you?

J. Lynn said...

It's so good to read your blog. I really enjoy reading (and relating) to your posts. Keep it up!

Ellen said...

I pop by, I liked the first post that I read and I keep coming back. ;-)

Sonya C. Triggs said...

J. Lynn and Ellen:

Thank you guys for stopping by! People like you inspire me. Blogging has helped me discover so many great sites and I love getting to know you all and your thoughts through this interactive experience.

May God Bless You.

Higher said...

good job...
thanx 4 sharing.
When you write from the heart, as you seem to do...people tend to get a glimpse into who you are...

I think sharing the way you just did lends credibility to your blog =)

ms mimi the mocha soulchild said...

Welcome back, lady.

Sonya C. Triggs said...

Higher and Ms. Mimi:

Hello you guys! It's good to be back. I used to worry a lot about my credibility and probably purposely avoided writing about myself, because, you know, who am I? But I finally realized if God had truly called me to do this, then He would give me all the accreditation I needed!

I will be visiting your blogs soon. Pray for me as I get through my busy season in God.