Monday, June 19, 2006

The Other Woman

I just heard the story today of an older woman whose husband left her for 'the other woman'. Apparently, her husband had been involved in an affair with this woman for 10-15 years. To add insult to injury, after he left her, she discovered he had been moving money out of their joint accounts (and out of his retirement account) to accounts she couldn't touch - in preparation for being with his 'other woman'. This woman is now facing a lengthy court battle, as she tries to regain the money he has, in effect, stolen from her.

There are so many things wrong with this story, it's hard to know where to begin. But I'd actually like to focus on the 'other woman'. (I am in no way implying that her husband was not at fault, but I believe this woman was just as guilty.) The reason this 'other woman' interests me so much is that I'd dearly love to know what's been going on in her mind for these last 10 years or so of her life.

Okay, I'm thinking, she meets this man, they become involved and then they apparently decide they are 'in love' with each other (and, believe me, that's a whole different post). She continues to spend time with him, sleep with him and be in a relationship with this man as he goes home every night to his wife. He probably tells her that he will leave his wife for her (one day) and then she probably aids and abets this man's efforts to re-appropriate money from his and his wife's account and most of his retirement account. He (finally) leaves his wife and they then live happily ever after? I don't think so.

Why not? Because I believe, as the Bible says, that you reap what you sow (or, as the world calls it, 'karma'). Why does this woman think that she is entitled to any happiness with a man who committed adultery (with her) on his wife, stole money from his wife, and spent the last 10+ years lying and being deceptive with this same wife? And, even worse than that - she knew what was going on! She was an integral part of it all - and allowed it to happen. Year after year, month after month, dollar by dollar that was stolen.

I guess my real question is this - Why do women allow themselves to become the 'other woman'? Somebody please explain this to me.

Yes, I know that some people believe you can't help who you fall in love with, but I have a big problem with that line of thinking. You may not be able to help who you fall in love with, but you can certainly help who you think about, who you spend time with and who you sleep with. And I know all about low self-esteem, so that's not a good excuse for me, either. And I know that some women believe there is a shortage of good men, but does that justify stealing someone else's?

I may be a romantic at heart, but I am a realist by nature. And, as a realist, I can realistically say that a marriage or relationship that is founded on lying and deceit has very little chance of lasting. And why (as a woman) would you even want to be with a man who has already proven himself to be a liar? I just don't get it.

Hopefuly, someone will enlighten me, soon!

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Higher said...

One word..."maladaptive"
I think people are very bad at diagnosing what is missing or wrong in their lives and even worse at self prescribing what they need to fix the problem. I don't know the specifics involving the people you speak of but it is obvious the man was experiencing a void in his marriage and his "prescription" was another woman to fill the void... instead of working out the problem with his wife...likewise the "other woman has a void and "prescribed" the married man to be the cure for it. I am almost willing to bet that she actually thought she was rescueing this man from his bad marriage. My question is what was going on with the wife...ten years is a long time to not notice what was going on......

Nappily Evah Aftah said...

Well, for one thing, some of us live by exceptions, instead of the rule, when it comes to how life works.

For instance, it's a known fact that men who cheat on their wives, can't be trusted to do right, in the second relationship. You go in it(as the other woman), knowing that the man you "love" is dishonest, unfaithful, and dysfunctional. Yet, there's some malfunction in the spirit that causes you to think somehow YOUR result will be different, and the man won't do what he has shown he is quite capable of doing,to you.

You believe you somehow possess...something that no other woman (particularly his wife) has, therefore you have assurance that what happens in 98% of the same scenarios, won't happen to you. You're in that upper 2 percent. You're different. You're special. His wife was a shrew, who didn't really understand him.

Satan uses a woman's natural (in the flesh) tendency to compete with other women (and compare herself to other women), against her — in a major way. The man helps to reinforce satan's agenda, by telling her, "You're different from Shaquita. You really are into my needs. You understand me".

It's a head thing. Men get at us, by talking to us. We respond to what men say, even when their actions clearly contradict their speech. That's why we have to learn to short-circuit a brotha, by refusing to let him plant in our spirit, thru verbal communication, thereby cancelling out his game.

As a single woman, I set boundaries with married men. I don't wanna hear about your wife, and what she's not doing. I don't want to hear about how I'm so much more "into the things of God" than she is. Cuz it's very easy to find yourself bonding inappropriately with a married man, resulting in a trap door flying open, waiting for the right time for you to fall thru.

Anonymous said...

Why do women allow themselves to become the 'other woman'? Somebody please explain this to me.
Simple -- some women have a fear of being alone. There are a lot of women out there who do not want to face the reality that they may be single for life! They have been trained to believe that all women are to be married or live a life in doom as an "old maid". Until they get past this fear of being alone, which to them is equated to be lonely, they will always subject themselves to "being the other woman". In their minds, it's better to be the other woman than to be alone. I'd rather be alone than mixed up in some unnecessary drama!

I think what needs to happen is that these women need to sit down and have a long talk with God and themselves. Truly determine what it is that their hearts desire and stop depending on the "rules" that society has imposed on us to live a happy, carefree and joy-filled life. That's just my 2 cents....

sonya said...

You are totally right about people being unable to identify the real needs of their lives. They (we) seem to think a drink, a smoke or another person will give us what we really need. If only we'd turn to God, we'd find that these things don't have nearly as much value as we perceive.

Ms. Nappy:
We (women) do seem to think that we will be the one who finally changes our man - gets him to settle down, give up his 'other' women and act right. Well, I have learned the hard way that however you meet him is how he is! If he is a liar and cheater when you meet, he will be a liar and cheater after you two get together. And that whole competitiveness thing between woman is truly wrong. But more on that in another post...

Oh, to truly be free! Society has good rules for a reason, but they certainly shouldn't come before the wisdom of God with a good helping of our own common sense. One day, hopefully, we'll all get there!

Anonymous said...

This type of drama happens everyday. Obviously for a reason/reasons only he can explain the brother wasn't feeling his wife anymore. People fall into and out of love everyday. Even those who consider themselves to be spiritual.

As far as men are concerned, the vast majority of men who are married have either dealt with or are in the midst of dealing with an outside relationship with another women. Most women know this and either choose to accept this fact and don't trip when they find the proverbial earring or smell the perfume on the shirt, or they simply choose to eschew the drama and be alone.

It is better to accept reality and prepare for it than to ignore it and have reality hit one in the face. No married person can carry on an outside relationship for 15 years and the wife/husband not be aware of it. As such, and in this writers opinion it appears that their is more to this story than we're hearing.

Through a Glass Darkly said...

It makes the other woman feel such a thrill that she meets some need the wife can't, that she can perceive of herself as better than the wife, better than someone .

I also think a lot of people who are willing to date someone who is married are missing an empathy chip.

But, as my preacher told me during my premarital counseling, "About cheating ... you don't want to be someone who cheats and leaves your spouse for another person. When you do that ... well, those 'new' couples are very sad together. They hold that betrayal in them the rest of their lives."

As for the poster who said most spouses cheat at some point, that may or may not be true, but it's a sad way to live your life to accept or wait for that to happen. I was fortunate to find the right person at 25. If I had waited till 35 or 55, so be it. I'd rather be holding out for the right person (who wouldn't dream of cheating) than accept a sad life split with another woman.

That said, I also think every relationship takes consistent work to keep from reaching a place where one of you would consider cheating.

Okay, I'll stop. Apparently I need to post about this topic myself. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what the other woman may be thinking but I can guess she has unmet needs that God should be filling. For the man, SELFishness. But its all deceit and lies from Satan.

In my own life, there were red flags even before we were married, (kick me) one big one is husband would always choose others over me, even saying it was "God's work" so I just have to wait, making me feel guilty and selfish. He would buy expensive flowers in appreciation for help from a female volunteers and I would be handed the one lone flower that fell out. This year he is choosing a wayward small group over me, choosing to stay even when I was un-rightly chastised for asking a doctrinal question and the leader used fear, intimidation and Scripture out of context. Husband sat there picking his teeth and never supported me in any way.

Last night he said he left his pool keys at home, which is why he had to return there to lock up, then left me home and went to play tennis with someone new he met at the fitness center. I thought it was very odd that he was wearing his new denim shorts and nice shirt to bike and play tennis in?? His normal wear is ugly swim trucks with any old t-shirt.

After 17 years of marriage his heart is still not turned toward home or biblical parenting, or growing spiritually, or me. There is nothing I can do, except pray and "do my part". It is a spiritual issue, and an obedience issue. We've never "been one" as in on the same page in the same book, he claims God has never spoken to him before yet everyone who sees him worship and talk the lingo believes he is a Christian.

He is like a politician, and I agree that most women will follow his words, not actions. I keep telling him his words don't mean anything now, his actions show his heart. The very reason I married him was due to him telling me what I wanted to hear, that he was headed off to Bible college and his desire was in youth ministries. Two weeks after we married, he decides to follow a directive from a bad friend (spent time in prison) and take a job close to him, never to pursue it, and then he said later it was really what someone else said he might be good at :P

Higher asked what is going on with the wife... hurt, rejection, trying to win him without words? He doesn't think there is anything wrong so won't go to counseling.

As for setting boundaries with married men, that is very wise. This newest "contact" from the fitness center has a daughter my DD's age (12), she wants DD to go swimming with her and her mom + my DH at night. I told her Scripture says we should never have even a hint of evil (1 Thessalonians 5:22) and that would produce gossip and make Christians look bad. To DH anyone who acts nice must be a Christian. -

Anonymous said...

I am a victim of a cheating husband who left for the other woman. My husband was the pastor of a church and she was a parishoner. He destroyed the church and lied to me in his pursuit of this woman. When I found out it seemed as if she enjoyed my pain she was someone I knew and trusted. Now they are together he has recreated his career and left me holding the bag. I think they are two of the most selfish narscisstic people I have ever met. You have to have something missing morally and spiritually in your own live if you think you can solve your marital problems in this way. Divorce would have been easier and more honest without a third party knowing every detail of your live before you know what is going to happen. They are both liars and cheaters. I can;t believe it could be love when it has destroyed so many lives. I do believe that God in his time will take care of them. David paid for his sin. How could someone be happy when they know they hurt so many people. You just exchange one set of problems for the other. It is just easier to cheat the next time. I could never imagine myself doing this. No-one deserves this kind of pain.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain Anonymous, my husband also left me for the other woman. I was devastated, we were only married for one year and we had a small baby. They are married now they have a daughter. They seem do be doing very well financialy. I also remarried and I am doing just fine. I use to question God all the time. I would ask: "God, why are things going so well for him and here am I struggling along?" Most married men do not leave their wives for the other women, so there must be something very wrong with me, but you know what I have since realised - God knows best. I can sleep at night, knowing where my husband is, no other women has ever confronted me, my husband allows me to answer his mobile (something my ex would have never allowed).It is all these little things that you learn to appreciate. You have to set them free..."Let Go and let God". I know that when you are hurting and they seem so happy, that you just wish that something can happen to burst their bubble, but things always look better from the outside you don't know what is happening between their four walls, but don't let that be your problem. It is time to concentrate on you. My grandmother always use to say that God will work when you become quiet. When it is time for them to reap what they have sowed it will not matter to you, you will feel sorry for them.Do not make it your mission in life to wait for that day.
To all woman who feel like this is the end...let me tell you it is the beginning of a new you.Cry when you have to, only time will heal the wounds.I use to read alot of motivational books and I prayed alot and there were times I couldn't even talk to God,then I would write him a letter. When I sometimes come across one of those letters, I thank God for bringing me this far.
I have learnt to love myself again, because I have someone that loves only me for me. I have also learnt not to put my trust in men, but in God. What does not kill you makes you stronger.
My husband and I have big dreams and we are working hard towards realising them. He is a father to my son and a loving husband. I do not have riches (yet), but I do have peace of mind. So work hard, pray hard and God will take you to great heights.

To the other women in this world I just want to say: "IF HE CHEATS WITH YOU HE WILL CHEAT ON YOU".

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

i am the other woman and i have been dating him for a year i left my husband and he left his wife for 2wks and they all went on a family trip 2gether and i went back to my husband i was still un happy i left my husband again and started dealing with the married man again it has been 5 months and he has not left his spouse he says financially he cant leave but he is not happy and sleeps in anoher room and has not had sex with his wife in a year. we are planning to be 2gether do you think he will leav

ni ni said...

I met a man three years ago that I dated for months before he went back to a girl he has two kids with. Initially he left her, and moved in with friends in the neighborhood I lived in. She moved down here to the state for him after pleading with him, and breaking a deal to pay the bills, and among other things that are between them.

I had no idea he would do this really so I was hurt. Then I got in a car accident, lost my job, had no car, lost home, and had to move to hotels, and bad neighborhoods. I had to leave my son with my mom and no one would bring him to see me. So I would take a bus, then my mom moved off the bus line.

Then a year in a half ago, I got myself back in school for Health
Servies Management, moved in a condo, bought a 2000 foreign car in cash and picked up my son. I lost everthing, and you could not have told me I would have better things, and more blessings on the way. One of them is confidence, not just looks.

All while I was going through it this man would not leave me alone. I started thinking he must really care. And I believed for a long time he was self-sacrificing for his kids cause I know his gf used another man to get him back in the house, she admitted to me. But then he said it's because he cant leave his daughter without hating hiself, and that I showed him no interest before he moved back, and I didnt show him my personality. He's been saying that last part a lot lately, and those are all very different excuses, and I think maybe he didnt like me thinking I would never be anyone when I fell down a few months after we met. He also uses lines like "its like you have a hold on me, if something happens to you I'll break down, and it sounded like maybe this is my husband and he is in a bad situation, cause I know I was unahappy too for 6 years, but was afraid to leave, change, and possibily be alone.

Another things is the sex is highly passionate, something I never felt. But that could be oxytoxin levels that made me addicted to him. I don't know!

When I would try and leave he would cry, crawl on his knees, pray, and stalk me until I would take him back just to let me down, and leave me broke down sobbing.

A couple of months ago I miscarried with his child, and it hurt like hell physically and mentally cause he was diabolical. Everytime I tt him I would bleed. I wanted to die. I cried so hard the doctors admitted me to the mental clinic for 48 hrs, and listed him as a trigger. He said he was going to be there, but he was a totally different man, mean, I didn't even know he had it in him.

Of course after I miscarred he was so sinsere and sorry. Yeah right! Then after I was admitted he really tried to change to keep me around, and picked me up, to the least, since then he hasnt let a day go by without calling.

The more I hung around him after that I started building resentment.

So I prayed to God, father of Abraham to help me before he kills me emotionally with the lies and manipulation. Because I'm weak, I had no good upbringing and I must have low self-esteem to stay in this.

He's never bought me nothing, but dinners, and movies, and going out to dance and drink, but nothing real. Sure fixed some things around the house. But I'm not going be his fool, cause hes been thinken hes better, and got it goin on, having his cake and eating it to.

But I deserve more. Not to mention he has three kids, one he pays child support for, and the two he lives with. If they break up she will file to im sure. I dont want to have to deal with that either anyways. But its not the kids fault.

Sometimes you never know what the man could be saying to the other woman. His gf knew he left me, but still rubbed it in my face that she was cute, lied and said shes a nurse. So he's not a trophy and I don't want to be one of his stupid woman, even though I love him, but truly what does love have to do with it. And no real woman is going to put up with him, especially since no one is married to him. I can just leave.

I never considered myself the other woman, never thought about competing with her, honestly. And this was the first and last time I'll ever me in this mess again.

He's been calling all through the early hours in early early morning, day and night. But I havnt fell for it, so besides being fed up, my prayer must be working.

Anonymous said...

I have been married for 24 years now with two children ages 23 and husband left me but i know in my heart he was cheating all the signs were there, he no longer desired me and he was always abusive to me which really escalated before he left, he denies there is another woman, but he became very upset the day i found the number in the cellphone and called it and deleted the number he asked for his number back and left the following day, he has not taken all of his things yet he does not want the neighbors to know he has moved out, but yet he is not there anymore..(strange) i am going along with it for now, but there is no relationship between he and I anymore and he wants to be able to come in and stay from time to time when he feels like basically he is holding me back while he waits to see if this thing between he and the new woman will work out because i think she is married as well..never the less, i feel i have been reborn..God has given me peace after days of crying and depression i was devastated and i can not say i did not do some things that he did not appreciate, after years of abuse i turned to prescription drugs and i became addicted..i begged and pleaded him to help me but he would not he saw that as his way out. but let me add this is not the first affair we have dealt with he has cheated on me two times prior to this that i know for God is so Good, because after finding this blog, i feel totally free, i do not wish any bad luck on him i wish the best but i know the relationship is not going to work because this is one of the oldest tricks of the enemy, grass always seem greener, so Ladies plz respond and provide me encouragement this is still young for me and i am praying my way thru

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to all of you. The women who have been cheated on and the ones who have been or still are the ow.
Sin is so prevelent in this world today. satan knows he does not have long left so is doing all he can to destroy.
My husband is living with another woman at this time. They had been committing adultry for several months before I found out. My husband had a friend who was helping him cover it up.
As most other women do she thinks he loves her and will be just what she needs. She treats him worse than I ever did. She uses him for what she wants and gives nothing back. She leaves about every two or three weeks and parties for a few days then calls him to come and get her. She is out of money by then and needs someone to supply her alcohol and cigs.
He feels like he is so much better than she is so that is what he gets out of the relationship.
She always calls me when she gets ready to leave and tells me she wants to get in church and change her life.

Simple said...

A friend said to me yesterday that she can't believe she is in the situation she is in and calls herself a christian. But I truly believe that's the point having experienced the same thing. The devil is working overtime to destroy our connection with God. When we're in these situations we become self-absorbed and pull away from our friends who could hold us accountable and help us and away from God and behave as if these men are all we need to survive even as they often prove daily that our survival and happiness are not their priorities. Let's be interested in the lives of our friends, listen to them, pray them up and open up to them and have them keep us before God in prayer because it's a really lonely world and it's just too easy to get involved in the wrong relatonships.

Anonymous said...

My husband had an affair and eventually left me for the other woman. Our youngest child is only four months older than their other child. In looking at the whole situation, the other woman was professing her love for my husband after only three months and wanted his baby. She had two other children by two different men already, and was ready to have a third child.

My husband revealed some things, like the fact that the other woman wasn't as smart as I was, letting him feel smarter around her. She wanted a man to raise her kids and didn't care about leaving my children fatherless. They moved to another state a year ago and now my husband is living on his own. Cheat with you, cheat on you. He wasn't treating her the way she wanted to be treated and she was going all out for him, even ignoring her own kids. She replaced him with another man, who moved in after my husband moved out.

I have a hard time dealing with everything and am seeing a counselor. She has told me that I have to respect that he wanted to leave and left. But that it is disrespectful for him to come back. He stays here when he visits the kids. I do feel it is disrespectful and will not allow it anymore. He gets to come and be DisneyDad and play at being a family, then goes back home until the next time.

This year, he finally admitted that he had at least 25 affairs for the 15 years we were together. It is hard to deal with that and the fact that he wasted so much of my time with his bs. I had plenty of opportunities to cheat but chose not to handle marital issues that way. He did it as a way to get back at me. Now, he's living with regret. His kids don't really like him and don't respect him at all. Everyone knows what kind of person he is and how he handles himself. He has to work two jobs to support 4 kids and himself.

A person like this doesn't even love himself. Because once he found out she gave him herpes, he still stayed. Both of them have low self-esteem and deserve each other.

cameronsharpe said...

Its better to start with new life, reason is why to care for those person who does not care for you. If he or she had some feeling for you he should not have cheated you, so better with new life, forget the past.

Anonymous said...

I have read the posts and have come to the conclusion, I am the other woman. I have been married for 22 years. There hasn't been very many years that my husband has been faithful to me.

These comments talk about the other woman, I say that the woman who is married is actually the other woman.

How? I can hear some say. The man I fell in love with, who prayed with me, read the bible with me, loved me, decided that any available opportunity to romance someone else was far better than what he had at home.

Sadly, we want to be the wife, and that is clearly what we are, by paper and covenant agreement. However, if a man has no affection for the woman he married and promised to love forever, decides to cheat, then the wife has become the other woman.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

When I got married my 82 yr. old aunt told me "God wants you to be a good wife and mother and that means taking care of your home, raising children and satisfying your husband's desires. If you don't want your husband to seek comfort elsewhere you will make sure to do your wifely duties." She then went on to say that I should not be a prude, enjoy myself and have a little fun because engaging in "whatever" with one's husband in their bedroom is not nasty or perverse, that's how you keep a happy husband and stay married! Aunt Clara had been married for 60 yrs. and Uncle Roy always seemed confident, happy and content. I also received advice from Aunt Virginia who told me "be your own woman and don't let your husband treat you like a whore". Aunt Virginia had been divorced 3 times, all of her husband's seemed miserable and unhappy and she herself was a grouchy old lady. I decided that I should listen to Aunt Clara and always remember to satisfy my husband in the bedroom. I will admit, there were a few times when he wanted to get a little wild and I felt a bit awkward but I remembered Clara saying that nothing was "perverse" if done with my husband so I tried to relax, not be uptight and play along. There were also a few times when the kids were small (a 4 yr old and 2 yr twins!) and I was too tired to submit to my husband, after a while of having no "outlet" I noticed that we argued more and my husband was cranky and resentful. I understand that some men will cheat because they are looking for that thrill of conquest and they want other women, and MANY women! But I believe there are also men who cheat because their wives attempt to dictate a celibate marriage by refusing to engage in lovemaking, for whatever reason and that is NOT fair to their spouse. If a man attemps to dictate a sexual marriage and FORCE his wife to have sex with him it is called "rape".....what do you call it when a wife forces her man to be celibate by refusing physical affection?! If a wife thinks her husband is not having sex because SHE isn't having sex with him then I would call that foolish.

Anonymous said...

I am the wife. I never thought my husband was capable of an affair. How wrong I was!
He ended the affair and all contact with her. I hired a PI to watch him and so far, it seems
He is a good man that made a bad mistake. Further, his girlfriend tells me on the pc," I thought this was the man I truly loved and he has a bad sickness and he used me!"

I told her
You knew it was a snake when you picked it up. You had sex with a man who lied, is dishonest and has no regard for the sanctity of marriage. He may have used you, but you used him too.

We are still repairing our marriage and I will say with confidence that God Himself has done this miracle in our relationship. He never lies to us and has been faithful. I could not be here if I had flown on my feelings alone. I had to do what Gods word says.

But I wanted to go to an attorney, and tell him to draw blood! The other woman wanted him for his money. That is clear.
I am grateful that we are once again in love and my dh shows me everyday how much he does love me and says thanks for putting up with me.
Stay on your knees wives..pray that God will block all activity between your dh and his other woman. He can cause the whole thing to stink, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, He supernaturally brought my husbands mind and heart where it should be.

Yes, it still hurts sometimes...but we are better than ever today. I will accept that God is not through dealing with my husbands heart. In fact, I ask Him in prayer to deal with both of us and reveal the TRUTH to the other woman.
2 Timothy 1:6-7

Anonymous said...

I am the other woman. I believed him when he said he loved me.
I believed him when he bought me pretty things and sent flowers and we made hot white love on the floor. I believed he was the one. All along I knew he was married. All along there was a lingering doubt that this was going to last. His wife was my friend. She says they never stopped making love, they had a great relationship...he bought me a seiko watch..his wife got the Rolex.
Yes, he was using me and being selfish. Guess who got left behind? You are correct. Me. It is not worth it. I run from married men now. I have had enough heartbreak to last my whole life . I can't find a decent job now. Why was I so stupid?

Anonymous said...

True Love The Attraction Love Spell that you cast on me is really amazing and Finding your email on the internet was a godsent. Even better, Dr. Agbon, you’re the most considerate and compassionate man I know. I was so down after being loveless for almost five years. I requested a love spell and, amazingly, it worked! Next week I will marry the greatest woman alive and I think it’s the real thing. To thank you, would not be enough, considering what you’ve done.

ray said...

This is where i got into allot of stuff I didn't even understand, but it all ended the same way. Needed more spells, more money, and

nothing ever worked like these so called spell casters, physics, mediums, wicca's, pagans, egyptian magic spells, or anyone else

said. Literally I spent over 50,000 on spells in just 6 months. Let me help you out there, the people reading this, I have literally tried

almost every spell caster out there and they all just took my money and made promises that they could not keep. 50,000 dollars

worth of broken promises and lies. In all honesty its not even about the money. I would gladly give any amount of money to have

my love back, but it was about the empty hopes and promises. The constant torture of thinking she would come back and didn't.

The emotional roller coaster that these people put me through should be against the law. At one point I almost committed suicide.

Had it not been for the kids being there I would have and would not have thought twice about it. Then with the last bit of dignity

that I had I turned to . I didn't have any money left at this point and had lost about all hope in ever

getting twinny back but i still contributed with the little i have and with hopes with the email and advice i was meant to do anything,i

just did as the said in 6 days i got twinny back begging to forgive in what ever way she has

offended me and with this spell casting i am happy again with my only lover.

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